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Meet Mark

Mark Whorton is the Owner/Operator of Whorton's Pest Control. Mark began his pest control career over 18 years ago and opened Whorton's Pest Control in 2018. 

Mark and his wife, Brandy have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Danielle (24) and Allie (13). 


Monthly General Pest Services, Bed Bug Treatments, Brown Recluse Spider Treatments, Yellow Jacket & Wasp Treatments, Flea Treatments, German Roach Clean-Out & Treatments, etc. 

Foundation Vents, Vapor Barrier, Rodent Services & Exclusion Work

Building Exterior

Monthly General Pest Services on Restaurants, Office Buildings, Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Churches, etc. 

Fly Treatments, Roach Clean-Out, Kitchen Drain Cleanings, Bed Bug Treatments, Rodent Services & Exclusion Work.

"Let Whorton Kill a Bug For You"

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